File & Polish £10


Feet are given a quick cleanse, toe nails filed and then painted with your choice of Jessica, L'Echat or Morgan Taylor salon professional nail polish​.

Remember to wear open-toed shoes if you're having your tootsies polished - we don't want smudging! Or the alternative is to go for a UV gel polish so you don't have to worry about it!


My Jessica pedicures last for weeks - exceptional value!



Full Pedicure £25, with UV gel polish £35

Your feet will be soaked in a footspa, rough skin buffed, skin exfoliated and your nails & cuticles will be tidied too. A rich moisturising foot mask is then applied and your feet will be popped into booties to soak it up and soften the skin. Finally I will give you a lovely foot & leg massage to leave you feeling pampered and relaxed.


Much of this treatment is performed with you lying down so is very relaxing and your feet will feel like they're walking on air by the time you leave!

Please note this treatment does not remove callouses but will soften them.