Nail Rehabilitation...

Nail Biting Rehab


Nail Rehab - from bitten to smitten in just 3 treatments (and a lot of willpower and belief!). 
If you need help to quit the nail-biting habit, then check in with me and I will help you! I have had proven results from many clients, some in just 3 sessions (as per the photos here). I will carry out the necessary treatment to help you, or someone you know, to stop biting and to grow lovely, natural, healthy-looking nails. You can do it!

IBX Repair Treatment


A course of treatment with the amazing IBX system can improve or even cure all kinds of damaged nails, even historical damage. It will toughen, strengthen, smooth and protect natural nails and can also be used under gel polish. 

These photos demonstrate real results which can be achieved in as few as 1 or 2 treatments. More severely damaged nails will require longer treatment as well as the correct manicure application.

Please note, this is not used to treat fungal or other nail infections - I do not treat infected nails of any kind.


Post-Acrylic Rehab


I am trained and experienced in applying both acrylic and gel nail extensions however, I made the decision to stop offering these, as I believe natural is best. My clients can achieve long, strong, healthy nails without the need for extensions, which no matter how well they are applied, can still cause significant damage to the natural nail underneath, especially when removed incorrectly. I have weened a number of clients off extensions, breaking the cycle of reapplication, repairing the damage caused and helping them to achieve beautiful long, strong nails of their own!

The saying 'you get what you pay for' is absolutely true when it comes to nail extensions - Nice nails aint cheap and cheap nails aint nice!