Lashes, Brows & Waxing...


I offer a selection of specialist eye brow and lash services, giving you the convenience of getting both nails and eyes done in the same place! Eye treatments such as these can really transform your entire face and make you look more youthful.

I offer the simple to the can have a simple eyelash tint to give your lashes a mascara look for holidays or why not go for a full LVL treatment which is even more amazing and very popular.
LVL = length, volume and lift, an amazing treatment designed as an alternative to extensions or falsies. It lifts, curls and tints your own natural lashes, giving the illusion of longer, thicker, mascara'd lashes. The treatment takes approx an hour and the fabulous effects last 2-3 months, well worth it!!
A patch test is required prior to this treatment and contact lenses must be removed.

Having your brows done can give you an instant facelift and will give you more confidence when wearing less or no makeup! I myself am a total brow convert!

My services include a simple brow tint (which in itself will give your natural brow amazing definition and will make you look younger!), brow waxing and tinting, and also the full Marvelbrow service, which will give you that celebrity brow look (natural-looking brows not the HD black slugs!!).


My Marvelbrow treatment is perfect for overplucked or heavy, untamed brows as it involves colouring, shaping, contouring and defining the brows to give the perfect shape and finish for your face-shape and skin tone. You'll be amazed by the results!!


A patch test is required prior to any tinting.

Lip Waxing...£5

Because whiskers are for cats!

I wonder why women haven't yet evolved to have no hair in the places we've been removing it from since the beginning of time - why?

Until that happens, I will happily remove your fluff for you!